The Keyfuels Card is one of the most versatile Fuel Cards on the market with over 25 unique purchasing options to give you complete control over fuel purchasing within your organisation.

The Craggs Keyfuels Card provides you with access to over 2000 filling stations; a mixture of motorway service stations, oil company filling stations, supermarkets and many more independent retailers and stations. The network comprises of filling stations from Shell, BP, Esso, Texaco, Morrisons, Co-Op, Gulf, Applegreen, Euro Garages and many more independent retailers and stations.

Our filling stations are strategically located throughout the UK to provide exceptional coverage in rural areas, towns, cities, truck stops, major roads and even motorway service stations – all at a fixed rate.

In addition to access to this fantastic network you will receive a commercial rate for your diesel and a choice of payment terms to suit your business.